UNITAS Japanese Language School



Our features

Studying in an international environment
UNITAS consists of two language schools: UNITAS Foreign Language Academy; a foreign language school for Japanese students, and UNITAS Japanese Language School.
Ever since our establishment in 1970, we have been producing over 10,000 graduates.
With students from over 15 countries, we offer students a unique opportunity to encounter various foreign cultures in a truly international environment.

Nationalities of our current students:
China, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippine, Vietnam, Mongolia,Sri Lanka, Australia, England, Switzerland, Germany, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Morocco (Kofu)
China, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Spain, Russia, USA, England, Germany, India (Tokyo)
dmission-on-Recommendation System for Teikyo Universities
UNITAS, a part of the Teikyo University Group,
offers students the Admission-on- Recommendation System for the Teikyo Group universities (Tokyo, Chiba, Yamanashi, Fukuoka) and other universities in Yamanashi prefecture.
We also provide preparation class for EJU (the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students) and other universities’
entrance examinations for the students wanting to proceed to higher education in Japan.
Two locations: Kofu and Tokyo
We offer two different types of learning environment in Japan.
Our Tokyo branch is located in Shinjuku, the largest business, entertainment and shopping area in Tokyo.
Our main branch is located in Kofu, the capital of Yamanashi prefecture, endowed with beautiful nature.
The choice is up to you.
Low tuition fees
We keep tuition fees low to let students focus more on their studying.
Especially in Kofu, students can enjoy a lower cost of living and cozy student dormitories with low rent.
English lessons with a native speaker
You can enjoy English lessons with native teachers of UNITAS Foreign Language School with discounted tuition fees. (Kofu branch only)
Small class size
We think that teachers in small classes pay greater attention to each student, and students can become better and more involved in learning activities.
We, therefore, limit the number of students in each class up to 15 to let students enjoy those benefits.
(Tokyo branch only)
Scholarship awards
Students can apply for the following two scholarships through UNITAS:
・Scholarships for Students Enrolled at Japanese Language Institutes
・LEE SU-HYON Scholarship





Message from the school principal

UNITAS was established in 1970, with the aim of fostering an international outlook in our students.

UNITAS Japanese Language School Principal My genuine desire is that all UNITAS students come to know "Japan" not by preconceived ideas but by experiencing Japanese culture and society through developing language skills.
I hope these experiences will help students to reflect themselves, to become interested in world affairs and, more than anything else, to broaden their own perspectives.
The teachers, staff, and myself are here to support and guide you as you work towards your dream. At the same time, it is your support and involvement that make us the great school that we are. We are looking forward to another great year with you.
Kazuhiko UEDA





School history

1970 UNITAS established
1974 UNITAS Foreign Language Academy became the first language school in Yamanashi prefecture.
1983 Japanese Language Department started. Ministry of Justice approval received.
1990 UNITAS became the member of the Teikyo University Group. Japanese Language Department became a member of the Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education.
2007 UNITAS Japanese Language School Tokyo opened in Shinjuku.