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A pre-college student visa is required for long term courses

Procedure flow chart of pre-college student visa acquisition
ユニタス日本語学校 就学ビザを申請する場合申請の流れ
OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) 30 developed countries, such as European countries, United States, Australia, Korea.
Please contact UNITAS for details.
Application deadline
For January semester For April semester For July semester For October semester
September 16th November 24th March 10th June 3th
Or until positions are filled.
School hours
Day Morning class Afternoon class Level
Monday to Friday 9:00-12:30 13:00-16:30 Elementary/intermediate/advanced
The class is determined by the score of placement test, and the school determines whether a class will take place in the morning or the afternoon
Tuition and other expense(yen)
Screening fee


  Entrance fee Tuition Other expense Insurance* Total
1 year 50,000 500,000 80,000 10,000 640,000
The first half year 50,000 270,000 40,000 10,000 370,000
The second half year 0 270,000 40,000 0 310,000


  Entrance fee Tuition Other expense Insurance* Total
1 year 50,000 600,000 80,000 10,000 740,000
The first half year 50,000 320,000 40,000 10,000 420,000
The second half year 0 320,000 40,000 0 360,000
  • 6 month payment applies to some countries.
  • Including material and event/active fee.
College student visa holders should purchase accident insurance.
After arriving in Japan, residents must acquire National Health Insurance.
Refund Policy
Students who wish to leave school must report to Unitas and fill out a form one month prior to the month you plan to leave. Suspension of activities need to be approved by Unitas.
  1. We do not refund Screening Fee under any conditions.
  2. When you are not qualified for VISA at Embassy in your hometown after Certificate of Eligibility is issued, we will refund the tuition excluding screening fee, entrance fee and remittance fee.
  3. We do not refund the first 6-month tuition after entering Unitas under any condition.
  4. We do not refund students who have paid 1-year or 9-month tuition fee and have already studied at Unitas for over 6 months.
  5. Students who have paid for 1-year tuition in advance but stayed at Unitas for less than 6 months are eligible for a 6-month tuition refund excluding the discount fee. The amount refunded is 270,000 yen for students at the Kofu campus and 320,000 yen for students at the Tokyo campus.
  6. After the second payment has been made, we do not refund students who are still registered at Unitas but do not attend classes. We do also not refund students who have extended the period of study.
  7. Students who have paid 1-year tuition on their second payment apply for the above refund policy 3, 4, 5.
  8. Students who have paid 9-month tuition in advance and leave Unitas within 6 months, we are able to refund the last 3-months tuition. The amount refunded is 140,000 yen for students at the Kofu campus and 162,500 yen for students at the Tokyo campus.
  9. We do not refund insurance fees.
  10. Students must be responsible for bank remittance fees.
School bank account
Kofu campus Bank Name Head Office of Yamanashi Chuo Bank
Bank Address 1-20-8 Marunouchi Kofu Yamanashi Japan
Account No. 1680067
Account Name Unitas Japanese Language School
Tokyo campus Bank Name Kiraboshi Bank, Ltd. Nishi Okubo Branch 043
Bank Address 5-9-2 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku Tokyo Japan
Account No. 4067903
Account Name Unitas Inc.
Application documents
Required documents depend on the applicants' country.
The following documents are required for the applicants from OECD
(organization for economic co-operation and development) countries, such as European countries, United States, Australia, Korea)
Please contact UNITAS about other countries. All documents should be issued within 3 months.
Applicant's documents
1. Application form
2. Personal history
3. Diploma
4. Passport copy
5. 8photos(4cmX3cm)
6. Student registration certificate / Certificate of employment
Sponsor's documents
7. Statement of financial responsibility
8. Certificate of employment
9. Annual income certificate
10. Bank balance certificate
Please download application form/personal history/statement of financial responsibility here